Ultra Running Coach!

I took the plunge almost 2 months ago and decided to follow my heart into a passion I have held for nearly ten years: being an ultra running coach. I was inspired by my coach, who posted a now hiring add. Of course my wheels started spinning and I asked the hubby about it. He was excited and told me to go for it. I love how supportive he is!

I have known Heather for nearly 10 years! Since we were both running half marathons and thinking those were far 😉 She started coaching me 2 years ago this month as I was struggling to recover from our fifth baby and set my eyes on racing the Burning River 100 in July. Having a coach opened up my eyes to a new way to train. Heather pushed me further than I ever had on my own. She also showed me the importance of regular schedules of running and not doing over training things like running streaks etc.

We all know how Burning River went, I got a PR and smashed my goals.!! I attribute that to the support of my husband, and family, Coach Heather, and the group we have on Facebook at Hart Strength and Endurance. They helped me push hard through the tough training cycle, and run well in Ohio.

Before the race!
The sweet smile of a PR and a hug waiting for me.
My favorite photo captured during the race.

I love being a mental health counselor, and I also love seeing people achieve their goals. Coaching seemed like a great way to combine my love of running and motivating others. I have a passion for helping people, especially moms coming back like I have done so many times. In my mind a coach is the person in your corner, guiding you through the murky waters of training. Through the highs and lows, a coach can come alongside you and be your support and strength helping you find the inner strength and unlock your own potential. Its empowering.

I am thankful to be a part of the team at Hart Strength and Endurance Coaching. It is truly an honor to work along side them. I love their humility and humor they bring to our endurance sports. Their knowledge of endurance sports is extensive and I am blessed to be learning from them.

I am official! You can find my coaching bio here. If you would like to work with me as a coaching client please email HartEnduranceCoaching@gmail.com

This opportunity has come in only a way God’s timing commands. As I currently sit injured and unable to walk, much less run. It feels like a gift, to be able to have something I can do from my laptop on the couch, to keep my mind occupied, and give me hope of the future. God is good, all the time!

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