Beauty In the Counseling Process

On my walk I pass these lily pads

I love spring time. After the cold dark winter season here in New England we get a celebration of warmth, sunshine and new blooms. As I was walking this week I noticed the lily pads coming to the surface of our local pond. I reflected on the simple beauty of the lily pad and how much I look forward to seeing those white flowers bloom. This was the first time I noticed the lily pad leaves before their blooming.

I noticed how beautiful their simple leaves are and the tinge of red as the young leaves begin their life above water.

I also noticed the pond scum, and the murky water that these beautiful lily pads grow out of.

It reminded me of the counseling process, and my own personal growth process with counseling and life transformation.

I felt just like those lily pads, growing out of a murky mess and my initial ascent onto new life was not some beautiful flowering pad, it was a small red leaf that was a reflection of a stage I had to continue to work through. The murky water represents the things I had to overcome, the negative moods, emotions and feelings of failure and regret. I realized if I let those conquer me I would not be able to stay afloat, I would get pulled back down. At times I still get pulled back down, even temporarily if I am not careful.

This is my vision when I encounter new clients as counselor. I see the things that may be weighing them down, and I seek to help them rise above the surface and begin to bloom again. There is beauty in the waiting, in the counseling process of birthing new ideas, and revelations about ourselves. It is an honor to walk beside someone as they grow and bloom, it is a privilege to see someone grow like these lily pads, and come to the surface, then bloom with a beautiful white flower.

Just like the winter gives way to spring and we see new life bloom all around us, counseling can help us bloom in new ways we never imagined during a winter season.

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  1. Thank you! That was so encouraging I am beautiful!


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