Managing the Moment

During the past two months it is fair to say that so much has changed, and yet so much remains uncertain and stuck. It really makes things difficult.

There is so much online some days it almost feels like information overload to me. I cannot honestly say because I lost count, how many times I have deleted and re-downloaded the Facebook app! Somedays I yearn for the phone to buzz with texts and messages from friends because I long for a sense of normalcy. Other days I silence my phone and am overwhelmed by the amount of texts and messages.

I am reminded of how hard it is to manage the moment day to day sometimes. And yet I am reminded that this approach is the only way to overcome this time of difficulty. By ‘managing the moment’ we can break down each day into a series of moments. Moments sound more manageable than the entire day. Just a simple word change using moments instead of days or weeks helps me to not get too overwhelmed.

If I think of everything I must get accomplished in an entire week I get flustered. I get overwhelmed and then I get tunnel vision. I start working on tasks and do not allow myself to finish until they are all done, and I get frustrated if anything gets in my way. Managing the moment allows me to take each task as individual and work without as much stress.

If I think of the entire month long social distancing requirement, I will get depressed, wishing life could resume as normal. I will start to isolate because I am getting depressed and feeling lonely. Managing the moment allows me to take each day as a chance to connect with my friends using technology and being grateful we are healthy and safe.

If I sit with my negative thoughts, I will dwell on my fears and begin to never want to leave the house. I will let my anxiety take over and isolate myself into a dark place dreading when the social distancing begins to lift and longing to stay home more. Managing the moment means I stay informed with one or two credible resources and then focus on other productive ways to keep myself busy at home.

When I allow my irrational thoughts to take over I give myself permission to turn to my vices and continue to feel bad about myself. Eating junk food, watching mindless tv, or just scrolling endlessly online are all ways I can fill my time with unhealthy vices when I feel bad for myself. Managing the moment, means I can take steps, even small, in the right direction. Making healthier choices for food, getting outside to walk or run each day, and reading more.

Managing the moment, means stopping to pause and think about what my body is telling me I need, and sorting through what my feelings might be leading me to. Sorting out moment by moment how to take better care of myself so I can be there for others.

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