Power of Gratitude During the Pandemic

Last week I opened up and shared about my postpartum journey through depression and anxiety.

As I reflect on the things helping me navigate this season I am overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude. One way I have been working through the negative thoughts and attitude that I was stuck in is by embracing gratitude. When we begin to shift our focus and look for things to be positive about we can begin to shift to an attitude of gratitude.

I wish this shirt said ‘worth the hard’ instead of worth the wait, but as I reflected on the past few months I discovered so much to be thankful for. First for this beautiful daughter who is healthy and growing in our family. She has been such a blessing. This postpartum journey has really been hard, but when I look at her I do not hesitate at all. She is worth all the hard. 

I am grateful for this time of a slower pace and forced to be home more without many social commitments. I am an introvert by nature so when social distancing first started I was ok with being home more and doing things virtually. Moving things virtually has allowed me to continue doing ministry work and take care of our children. Hosting small groups online using zoom has been a blessing as I am able to be home with the baby. 

Which brings me to another gratitude point. Telehealth. Before covid people were hesitant to see a mental health counselor virtually, and I understood why. It is new and new things can be difficult. But covid forced us to move clients to a virtual platform and using secure video telehealth has allowed me to be home and continue to see clients. This has been such a blessing, being able to enjoy the first few months of a new baby’s life from home and also being able to work on a career that helps me feel fulfilled. I enjoy being a mental health counselor and I am thankful to be able to continue counseling from the comfort of a home office. 

My husband has even been able to primarily work from home. This is probably the other biggest blessing through this season for us. Having six small children is a full time job in itself, and my husband has a busy job so normally he is not home much throughout the week. Because of the pandemic meetings cannot be held in person so he has been able to be home working virtually. Even though he still is working more than 50 hours a week, he has no long work commute so he is available more to help with the transition of a new baby. I am thankful he has been more available throughout the week in between meetings and chaos its nice to have another adult in the house. 

I have been running and was able to hire my running coach again who helped me finish my big A race last summer. Coach Heather and I have known each other for 10 years and she is so encouraging. I appreciate being able to have someone else do the thinking for me when it comes to my running and strength training and I enjoy training more. 

I see many memes and things saying 2020 has been horrible. I get it, 2020 has not been the year to feel god about much, so much has changed or been put on pause. Then again, sometimes hitting pause is a good thing. Sometimes when we are forced to slow down we can stop and enjoy the people around us more. This year has been a hard one for us, but it has also been a year of incredible growth. I have spent a lot of time with my sister, and our relationship has grown and flourished. I have watched her children continue to grow up and seen how excited my children get to see her and her kids. I am grateful for them. 

I have come to appreciate the slow pace of life, and being home more with my babies. I love being able to have my children doing school at home virtually online and seeing them learn and grow. I am thankful for the simple joy of camping, since we cannot travel we have spent more time exploring our local home state and I realized my kids can be entertained by simply being outside hiking with us. 

So what if we take a moment and pause, and reflect on 2020 with a lens of gratitude? What is we truly pause and ask God to help us see the growth and goodness that we have witnessed this year? 

I encourage you to try it, and let me know how it goes. I will be doing this over the next few weeks, I do not want to miss this opportunity!

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