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  • Recovery of a Broken Ankle Part 1: diagnosis and surgery

    When I started scouring the internet for blogs from runner who had this I didn’t find much. It led me to start writing to document the journey. This is part 1. Four weeks ago I went out for what I thought we be an amazing long run in fresh falling snow. I was so happy.… Read more

  • Eating Disorder: the Hard Truth

    It’s National eating disorder week. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders most of my adult life I wanted to pause and reflect on my own journey this week. I looked at pictures of myself and I realized how I could find so many that I wanted my body to be right now. How… Read more

  • Ultra Running Coach!

    I took the plunge almost 2 months ago and decided to follow my heart into a passion I have held for nearly ten years: being an ultra running coach. I was inspired by my coach, who posted a now hiring add. Of course my wheels started spinning and I asked the hubby about it. He… Read more

  • Hope After the Storm of Loss and Postpartum Depression

    My rainbow after the storm ❤️🌈 my sixth baby was a rainbow after a loss and I never imagined them how much more joy she would bring into our lives. Her birth and trauma from that hospital stay etched in me a change. But traumas can change us, they can cause us to do one… Read more

  • Surviving School During the Pandemic

    We survived! That’s the sentiment I felt at the end of this week as we closed out the first 15 school days for us. It has been hard. I thought about what was making it so hard and I was reminded that this is a big transition. Every year the children go through an adjustment… Read more

  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention

    This month is Suicide Prevention Month and today September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide prevention is very personal for me. I have struggled in the past with suicidal ideations and depression. My husbands best friend committed suicide 2 years ago, and I will never forget watching his pain as he processed that. My… Read more

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