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  • Breaking the Stigma: Managing Mental Health with Medication

    This month it was my goal to share vulnerably at least a few times during Mental Health Awareness Month. I wanted to hopefully just show one person some hope. I find when we are struggling we often assume we are alone. My history with depression and anxiety has been a presence in my life since […] Read more

  • Mental Health Awareness: the Darkness in Depression

    This month is Mental Health Awareness Month. I’ll be taking some time to share some topics that hopefully some will find helpful. As a mental health counselor I think it is imperative that we work to reduce the stigma that mental health carries. There are a multitude of amazing resources online. A few of my […] Read more

  • Ankle Surgery Part 4: Cleared to Walk!

    Part 1 is here where I share how I broke my ankle and had surgery. Part 2 is here the worst part is surgery the first 2 weeks. Part 3 was the beginning of physical therapy and waiting to heal. I began writing to help others who were feeling defeated like I was after an […] Read more

  • Ankle Surgery Part 3: 2-5 weeks Post Op

    It appears a lot of folks found my blog when I started posting about my surgery and now recovery process. This seems to be a need, just to hear from others about how their process went. I know for me it is always helpful to google an injury and see real stories of the journey. […] Read more

  • Ankle surgery: part 2 the first 2 weeks post op

    Part 1 of the broken ankle saga is here. I decided to blog about my recovery and experience given there is not many posts from runners. I hope it inspires someone who is going through something similar. Waking up from the surgery was probably the thing that will stick in my mind the most. I […] Read more

  • Recovery of a Broken Ankle Part 1: diagnosis and surgery

    When I started scouring the internet for blogs from runner who had this I didn’t find much. It led me to start writing to document the journey. This is part 1. Four weeks ago I went out for what I thought we be an amazing long run in fresh falling snow. I was so happy. […] Read more

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