Clinical mental health counseling

I am here to support and empower individuals who have lost their sense of self and need some support. There are many obstacles we encounter in life and sometimes it takes someone sitting with us and exploring what is making the mountain seem immovable. 

I from personal experience that sometimes we just need a listening ear and an affirming word. I believe that counseling can empower you to unlock the roots of what is holding you back and allow you to experience freedom.

Counseling is not a quick fix, it is not the solution that has all the answers, but it can support and empower you to find the answers. As a counselor, I see my role as your support and hold a safe space for you to explore the challenges and stressors you are facing.

I specialize in trauma informed care, offering EMDR and CPT for individuals who need trauma therapy. I am also equipped in helping individuals with anxiety, depression, emotional challenges, parenting challenges, life transitions, divorce recovery, and marital therapy.

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